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Type: Urban renovation
Date: 1994

Victoria Benata with Ralf M. Feldmeier and Nathan R. Ogle
The ideal Brussels is conceived as a radial concentric city. We have revealed that through the evolution of the post industrial wave cutting the city, Brussels is not a radial city.

The post industrial wave divides the city by the residual effects of the topography, the canal and infrastructure development.

This division is also reinforced by political divisions weakening Brussels identity and unity.

The actual condition of Brussels is a series of fields with specific identities fragmented into a patchwork of privileged characteristics with different scales, edges condition, and social-economic diversities. Our proposal identifies the condition of these fields located in the post industrial wave through framing the site specific relationships of typology, connections, and particularity of fabric.

Each site is linked to other fields by patterns of transitional spaces. These spaces link different or broken characteristics of each identified field by thresholds that form the existing structural frame of the city. This structure is interpreted in the city's formal texture as the basis for a design series of urban spaces giving Brussels a better sense of unity and identity.




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