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With expertise in high-end architecture and interior design, Victoria Benatar, Architect PLLC transforms your dream home into a reality.  The firm increases value of properties by creating customized designs that are well-balanced and tasteful.



(upper west side, NYC)

Type: Home Office

Date: 2007-2008

Size: 1200 sqft


We transformed a dilapidated professional only space on the ground floor into this stunning Live-Work apartment in the UWS of Manhattan. The renovated unit functions as a home office and a gallery space. The media room, which also serves as a storage space for office filing, can be separated for more privacy by closing the 3 FORM high tech sliding doors, ideal for both the children and parents. In the kitchen we designed a kitchenette and secondary full bath so the unit could be transformed into a three-bedroom and two full bath home-office. For that purpose, we had changed the building’s CofO (Certificate of occupancy). Designed in collaboration with Gisela Lopez. Photographs by Dana Meilijson


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