Creating value by transforming your dream space into a reality 

With return on investment always a priority, the firm customizes spaces to meet the commercial client’s objectives. Victoria Benatar ARCHITECT PLLC understands the company’s product, procedures, customers’ and employees’ needs when developing a space.


Sketchers Showroom (Panama)

Year: 2006
Type: Retail
Size: 3500 sqft

The design for the Sketcher’s showroom was based on clearly defined corporate brand guidelines. However, Victoria Benatar, Architect PLLC was tasked with also incorporating the local idiosyncrasies of Panama City. Keeping with the Panamanian culture, the entrance includes a coffee bar where clients can wait while sipping coffee or discussing business.
The showroom was created as a place of comfort and elegance, where clients can relax and see the merchandise. Each seller has their own personal desk with a curved display area behind them where shoes are showcased.
Employees and clients felt at home and more productive after the renovations


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