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Victoria Benatar, Architect PLLC’s extensive industry knowledge and negotiation skills help developers navigate their way through all phases of complex architectural and interior projects. The Firm understands how architectural designs impact investment goals. Her input to provide strategic planning is crucial to the success of the projects she has participated in.


Sephardic Museum (Caracas, Venezuela)

Year: 1999
Type: Competition 
Size: 70,000 sqft

In collaboration with Swiss colleague architect Alexander Michel, Victoria Benatar, Architect PLLC competed to design the Sephardic Museum of Caracas. This non-profit institution showcased items of historical, artistic, and cultural value. This monumental space is also used for social gatherings, and is located close to the Sephardic synagogue.

The design incorporated the controversial Columbus statue as the entrance for this venue. 
The floor-to-area ratio was maximized, and accessible space for cultural learning was created. Hebrew characters were used to inscribe relevant historical paragraphs on the concrete walls.

Victoria Benatar’s design enables the public to experience the rich heritage of the Sephardi Upper East Side Mansion

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