Creating value by transforming your dream space into a reality 

Victoria Benatar ARCHITECT PLLC ensures that the desired ambience and feel of an area is maintained when creating luxury spaces or renovating locations in the hospitality industry. 


Restaurant VIAVELEZ (Madrid, España)

Year: 2004-2005
Type: Hospitality
Size: 1800 sqft

Located in the historical area of Madrid, the Restaurant VIAVELEZ is at a crossroads between modernity and tradition. Victoria Benatar Architecture was able to capture this contrast by juxtaposing state of the art culinary appliances against a historical backdrop. 

The Firm worked closely with the client and the gourmet chef to create a space that was representative of the city’s ambience as well as the cuisine.  Special care was taken to minimize noise, and seating areas were designed with a focus on comfort.

Victoria Benatar’s changes contributed greatly to a relaxed and enjoyable environment for restaurant goers. 

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