Creating value by transforming your dream space into a reality 

With expertise in high-end architecture and interior design, Victoria Benatar, Architect PLLC transforms your dream home into a reality.  The firm increases value of properties by creating customized designs that are well-balanced and tasteful.


3 Bedroom Conversion (Upper West Side, NYC) 

Year: 2004
Type: Residential Co-Op
Size: 2000 sqft                   

Two adjacent identical but mirrored apartments were purchased by a family growing in numbers. The firm successfully merged the apartments together to create a cohesive three bedroom apartment.
Victoria Benatar Architect, PLLC divided the apartment into three areas: one area for the parents and another for the children to sleep and play. The third section, located in the center of the apartment, is now a communal area where everyone can congregate.
Through using the firm, the merged apartments value has doubled.

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